21 Amazing Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

11. Light Brown Nails + Turkey

Turn a simple, nude manicure into a festive one, by painting a turkey and feathers on your  accent nail. To make the design a bit fancier, adorn it with a coat of micro-glitter polish. It will give your manicure a subtle shimmer.

The glitter top coat is SinfulColors “24 Karat”.

12. Fall Waterfall Nails

For this design, collect all your fave fall nail shades – from browns to rusted reds, and everything in between. Start with a nude base coat and let it dry. Then add thin strokes of chosen shades using a detail nail art brush. Accent the look with gold glitter. The result is surprisingly gorgeous, right?

13. Candy Corn Polka Dot Gradient

Here’s another take on the candy corn manicure. This one features combination of orange, yellow and white polka dots in different sizes. The design is super easy to do, especially if you have a dotting tool set in your nail art kit. If you opt for this delicious design, just try not to bite all your nails off!

14. Pumpkin Accent Nail

Pumpkins are a fall staple. The season wouldn’t be complete without these delicious squashes. Due to their bright orange color, they make rainy days more bearable. So, why not paint a cute pumpkin top on one of your nails? The dark nude base is OPI “Did You Ear About Van Gogh?”.

15. Brown Nails + Glitter Fade

This Thanksgiving, create autumn elegance on your nails using just two polish colors – a dark brown base, and a colorful glitter top coat. The design reminds us of falling leaves that are collecting in piles on the ground.

Products used: Essie “Sable Collar” and Drip Drop Nail Paint “Fall Foliage”.

16. Polka Dot + Chevron Design

This creative look somehow managed to make us even more excited for Thanksgiving. We love how the design incorporates bold patterns and fall colors in an innovative, festive way.

Products used: China Glaze “White Out” and “Golden Enchantment” + OPI “Suzi Loves Cowboys”.

17. Dark Red + Gold Glitter Design

Instagram / Glittr

Source: @Glittr

Keep it seasonal with dark hues and fall leaves. We love the color combo on these. The look screams “fall”. Products used: OPI “My Favorite Ornament”, and “In the Cable-Car Pool Lane”.

18. Pumpkin + Thanksgiving Colors

Not only is this manicure super easy to do, but is also super cute! Opt for this simplistic design if you don’t have time to do your nails, but still want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

19. Orange Glitter Nails + Turkey Accent Nail

Bring a hint of Thanksgiving to your manicure with a tiny turkey. The turkey might take some steady painting skills and time, but the end result is worth the effort. The sparkly orange shade is GlossNSparkle “Sweet Charity”.

20. Pumpkin Nails

Instagram / just1nail

Source: @just1nail

These pumpkin nails make us warm and fuzzy. Also, we love these fall colors together!

21. Polka Dot Thanksgiving Nails

What’s better than a turkey painted on your nails for the holiday? This cute manicure works on any nail length. Try it if you want to make your hands pop.

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