16 Cute Gym Bags for Women

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Gym bag is an essential item for woman interested in staying fit. Just because you are carrying sweats, hair ties, and sneakers in your gym bag doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be chick and stylish, right?

If you’re in a search for cure gym bag that’ll hold all your gear – water bottle, clothes, shower stuff, towels, music player and few others items – you’re in the right place!  Whether you are into yoga, weight training, cardiovascular training or you need cute bag for a gym, there is a bag for you.

Check out our list of adorable options to tote your workout gear in it!

1. Pink and Purple Duffel Gym Bags by Nike

You can’t go wrong with the Nike gym bag! Choose one in pink or purple color and be the ‘it’ girl in the locker room.



Pink Bag Price: £27.99 ($46.5) at Nike.

Purple Bag Price: £35 ($58) at Nike.

2. Neon Pink Gym Bag by Nike

Neon, pink colors are always IN. This bag can be worn using the adjustable crossbody strap or by dual handles.

Nike Neon Pink Gym Bag

Bag Price: £35 ($58) at Nike.

3. Big Purple Gym Bag by Nike

This oversized purple gym bag by Nike is perfect for women with lots of stuff. It can hold a pair of shoes, two changes of clothes, your toiletries and more!

Big Purple Gym Bag by Nike

Bag Price: £23.99 ($39.99) at Nike.

4. Red Track Tote Gym Bag by Nike

Exterior zip pocket is perfect for your smartphone or wallet.

Red Gym Bag by Nike

Bag Price: £23.99 ($39.99) at Nike.

5. Green Gym Tote Bag by Nike

If you like to have fun with fashion, consider this green tote bag by Nike.

Green Gym Bag by Nike

Bag Price: £65 ($110) at Nike.

6. Black and Pink Track Tote Gym Bag by Nike

Bag has removable shoulder strap so you can use it as an everyday carryall.

Gym Bag by Nike

Bag Price: £30 ($50) at Nike.

7. Red Gym Shoulder Bag by Nike

You’d be proud to carry this bowling-bag-inspired bag by Nike because of its sleek, cool shape and glossy trim. It’s easy to clean and in very pretty red color.

Red Gym Bag by Nike

Bag Price: £26.39 ($44) at Nike.

8. Purple Backpack by Adidas

Pink Backpack by Adidas

Bag Price: £23 ($38) at Adidas.

9. Stella McCartney for Adidas Gym Bag

This Adidas by Stella McCartney black bag boasts both function and style.

Stella McCartney for Adidas Black Gym Bag

Bag Price: £135 ($225) at Adidas.

10. Adidas Gym Bag in Red/Grey

This cute gym bag in red and grey colors is the ‘it’ accessory for every woman with a gym membership.

Adidas Gym Bag

Bag Price: £26 ($43) at Adidas.

11. Adidas Gym Backpack

The color scheme on this bag is amazing. It’s also big enough for all your gym stuff. Stay organized!

Adidas Gym Backpack

Bag Price: £23 ($38) at Adidas.

12. Gym Bag by Adidas

This pink duffel by Adidas is perfect bag for weekend getaways and gym days. It’s big so it can be used for travel, too.

Gym Bag by Adidas

Bag price: £21 ($35) at Adidas.

13. Puma Pink Backpack

The color is so yummy, you’d want to eat it!

Puma Pink Backpack

Bag Price: $40 at Puma.

14. Puma Gym Bags in Pink

Pink gym bags are perfect for the girly girls who likes to make a fashion statement – in the gym and on the street.

Puma Gym Bags in Pink

1. Bag Price: $40 at Puma.

2. Bag Price: $60 at Puma.

15. Gym Bag by Puma

The color and shape of this bag is the reason it made on our list of cute gym bags. This bag is easy to pair and can be worn as ‘regular’ bag on your casual days.

Gym Bag by Puma

Bag Price: $60 at Puma.

16. Floral Gym Bag by Wildfox

Go to gym with style with this romantic, floral gym bag.

Floral Gym Bag by Wildfox

Bag Price: $110 at Nordstrom.

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